The Best Swimsuits for Big Busts, According to Women Who Know

As the proud owner of a pair of larger than life boobs since the early days of middle school, I understand all too well how difficult it can be to find a cute swimsuit that also fits properly. If I happen to fall in love with a one-piece, chances are it’ll lack in the right kind of support for my chest. As for two-pieces? I’m lucky if I can find a bikini top that can keep the twins in place without the threat of (unintentional) side boob.

Fortunately, after some trial—and a lot of error—I’ve discovered some stylish swimsuits that work for my I-cup chest and don’t look like a last resort. Although I now have a small collection of holy-grail favorites, I’m always in the market for new swimwear. To get the lowdown on what fellow big-busted folks love to wear while taking a dip, I’ve rounded up some of their favorite pieces, ahead. No readjusting required.

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