Want an expensive engagement ring? Looks count

Men are willing to purchase more showy, expensive engagement rings when they imagine themselves with an attractive woman rather than a woman with average looks. Appearance also plays a role for women but, in contrast to men, they are more likely to select an expensive ring with a big stone when they are partnered with a less attractive man.

Pay less, take more: Success in getting patients to take their medicine

New evidence shows the power of a method aimed at changing the longstanding problem of encouraging patients with chronic diseases to take their medicine faithfully: insurance plans that charge patients less for the medicines that could help them most. Some plans even make some of the medicines free to the patients with certain conditions.

From corn to flake: Health-promoting phenolic acids lost during food processing

For many Americans, highly processed foods are on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even when the raw materials — grains, for example — are high in vitamins and health-promoting phenolic compounds, processing can rob the final product of these nutrients. Scientists reveal what happens to cancer-fighting phenolic acids in corn when it is processed into cornflakes.