21 Best Housewarming Gifts Under $150

Tracking down a good housewarming gift for someone who’s breaking in a new home isn’t rocket science, but it can be challenging to find one that strikes the right balance of personal and practical—without being so practical that the person already owns the thing. You could go with the safe choice of a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate, but it’s a lot more meaningful to stand out from the pack with a memorable gift they’ll actually end up using and loving (and maybe wouldn’t think to get themselves).

If you’re confused about what to get a friend or family member to help them settle in to their new digs, we get it (and have totally been there). Keep reading for a few stylish yet affordable housewarming gift ideas under $150 that anyone would want to show off, including some tailored options for the avid baker, plant mom, pet owner, and dinner party host in your life.

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