Protect Yourself and Your Money Every Day

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00:02 You are in the middle of your day and you

00:04 receive an email. A company or

00:06 organization asking you to go to a

00:08 website to enter your personal

00:10 information to verify your account. 

00:13 It seems legitimate, but you wonder… is it a

00:15 scam? While some scams seem obvious

00:18 others can be confusing to anyone

00:20 without the proper information. Having

00:23 that trusted official information on the

00:25 latest scams and how to report them is

00:27 one of the best ways to protect your

00:29 hard-earned money and safeguard your

00:31 private information. The Consumer Action

00:34 Handbook is a free guide that provides

00:37 general tips resources and advice to

00:40 protect your consumer rights. The

00:42 handbook has information to help you

00:44 file a complaint about a purchase and

00:46 even includes a sample complaint letter

00:48 among many other resources. Order or

00:53 download a free copy for yourself, a

00:55 family member or a local organization at

00:58 forward slash handbook

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01:05 latest consumer information scams

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A Healthy Prescription For a Healthy Home

People cleaning a house

Not feeling well, but can’t figure out what is wrong? Some people have health issues and may not realize their personal wellness and the health of their home are interconnected.

By giving your home a health check-up, you may be preventing diseases and other hazards from hurting you and your family. Poor indoor air quality, mold, radon, carbon monoxide, and lead paint are just a few of the home health issues that could potentially trigger asthma, possibly cause lung cancer or lead poisoning.

You may already use smoke detectors as one safety measure, but there are other ways to improve the wellbeing of your living space without breaking the bank.

USAGov recommends giving your home a yearly health check-up. Check out other “prescriptions” to fix your home’s health such as:

  • Ordering a radon test kit to see if you need to install a radon mitigation system

  • Using a carbon monoxide device to detect CO gas

  • Checking to make sure air vents go outside and are not clogged

  • Sealing cracks to prevent bugs and animals from entering

Personal health and home health go hand in hand. By identifying the weaknesses in your home’s health as outlined in this video, you can address the problems to make it safe and healthy for you and your family.

Have more questions about environmental health? Contact your state environmental office.

Let USAGov be your guide for other areas of your life at